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About Halligan's Foam Coating Process

Environmentally Safe!

Polyurethane Coatings
Highest elongation and tensile strength, low breath-ability, excellent chemical resistance, weathers well, solvent born.

Spray Polyurethane Foam and Coatings
COOL. LOWER cooling and heating costs.
SPF has the highest R value per inch of any insulation thermal bridging. SPF can be coated with one of several highly reflective Energy Star Approved Coatings.


  • Simplified flashings and details
  • High wind uplift resistance
  • No deck penetrations
  • Indefinite life expectancy with maintenance and recoats
  • Conforms to irregular shapes


  • Aged smooth or gravel surface BUR
  • Usually no tear off
  • Smooth or granulated Mod BitMetal Roofs 
  • Highest performance roof systems at lowest applied cost!
Polyurethane Roof (Before & After)


Polyurethane foam and elastomeric coatings are adaptable to virtually any substrate and shape. Because SPF is monolithic, foam and coatings are the perfect flashing choice for restoration of most types of roofing.

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Ask about our 5 & 10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

One of the greatest advantages to polyurethane foam coatings is the extremely low maintenance required after the initial application.

A polyurethane foam roof will withstand even high traffic areas and harsh environments and still require so little maintenance that many companies have reduced their maintenance costs dramatically saving thousands of dollars in the very first year.

Insured. Competitive Rates!

Halligan Foam-Coating of Houston, Inc.

Existing New PVC-PTO Roof Leak

18 Day Project

Existing New PTO Roof Leaking from Day 1

Adhesive Coating

Start replacement of SPF Roofing System by applying the adhesive coating to the existing roof.

Polyurethane Sprayed Roofing System

3 lb. 1 1/2/inch Polyurethane Sprayed Foam, Wind Lifted Rated by Texas Windstorm.

Keeps the water out of your building.

Resistant to damage from pedestrian traffic and storm damage..

Because our systems are manufactured in place, this major weakness of most membrane systems is eliminated.

Trapped moisture in your existing roof system can evaporate without concern

Cool roof surface will reduce expansion and contraction stresses on you building

Top Coat

UV Resistant
Unlike traditional Roofing systems an Everest MIP system has a surface that is designed even the harshest UV conditions.

Highly Heat Reflective
Dramatically improves occupants comfort by typically cuts a summer roof surface temperature by 50-90 degrees!!

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