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Thermal Ignition Barrier Coating

A thermal barrier is a covering on the surface of the spray polyurethane insulation which will protect it for at least 15 minutes in the event of a fire. ½-inch gypsum wall board, such as Sheetrock®, is an approved 15 minute thermal barrier.

National building codes mandate that Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation must be protected with a code compliant Thermal or Ignition Barrier. DC315 has completed the SPF industry's most extensive independent laboratory testing. It complies with ICC Thermal Barrier building code requirements of IBC Section 2603.9 and IRC sections R314.4 and R314.6.

Building codes require the installation of a thermal barrier between foam plastics (such as spray polyurethane insulation) and any occupied space. Exceptions apply in some cases; review local codes and/or confer with your local building code officials.

The building code provides for an exception to the thermal barrier requirement in attics and crawl spaces where entry is made only for the service of utilities. In such cases, the spray polyurethane insulation must be protected from ignition. Several manufacturers offer a spray-on or hand applied ignition barrier coating for these areas.

Where Is A Thermal Barrier Needed?

All model building codes require a building code approved thermal barrier on the habitable side of a structure between the interior of the structure and the polyurethane foam. SPF should not be applied to the interior of a building without an approved thermal barrier as defined by the applicable building code. A thermal barrier is not normally required for SPF applied on the exterior of the structure (i.e., roof insulation).

Building codes may exclude the installation of a thermal barrier over certain applications of SPF. Review the specific code requirements on a case-by-case basis.

NFPA 286 Thermal Barrier tested. Closed cell 2.0 lb. spray foam 18 wet / 12 dry mils. Coverage rate = approximately 88 sq. ft. per gallon. Open cell 0.5 lb. spray foam 22 wet / 14 dry mils. Coverage rate = approximately 73 sq. ft. per gallon. 

Modified NFPA 286 Ignition Barrier (AC 377 Appendix X) tested. Open cell 0.5 lb. spray foam 4 wet / 3 dry mils. Coverage rate = approximately 400 sq. ft. per gallon. 

Reduced labor cost - thinner coating thickness, single coat application, and superior coverage/spread rate. 

Coating rapidly cures for a fast return-to-service. 

Easily applied with a sprayer, brush or roller. 

No product potlife limitations or complicated mixing. Just stir the paint before application. Product can be reused in open containers. 

Water based latex paint, easy equipment clean-up with water.

Non Toxic, low VOCs. Passed strict EPA – VOC and AMQD tests. 

Compliant with NSF / ANSI 51 for incidental food contact 

Earn 2 LEED points for using DC-315.

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